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Course Description

This class will teach students how to become competent farriers. Students complete an in-depth study of hoof, lower leg anatomy and will understand hoof function and performance qualities.


This class is ideal for the backyard farrier that wants to save hundreds of dollars a year by trimming their own horses. It is also a great class for those horse owners that just want to know more about the farrier process to help optimize the performance from their own horses.


(The remaining three lessons of this class help those that want to turn farrier work into a thriving and successful business. Time management, insurance, advertising and learning to deal with clients are only a handful of the useful business advice that you will learn from a real working farrier.)


 You don't need your own horse to participate just a love of them!

The overall goal of this class Horseshoeing 101 is to produce competent and confident farriers that can create functional and healthy hooves. This will be accomplished by: An in depth study of anatomy, A working knowledge of tools, equipment, and shoes, Understanding the reasons and history of trimming and shoeing, Learning how to create a balanced hoof through trimming, Learning how to correctly shoe a healthy hoof, Understanding the methods of corrective shoeing for structural abnormalities, Evaluating a horse for structural abnormalities, Assessing and treating almost a dozen hoof diseases and ailments, Learn how to own and operate your own business and Expanding vocabulary of horse terminology.

This course involves an in depth look at equine hoof anatomy. In order to fully understand the material the student must have a high school reading and writing level. This course is supplemented with internet based graphics so a high speed internet connection with a quality graphics card would be beneficial. The physical use of a horse is not a requirement.

Instructor Angie Senter teaches several courses on aspects of horse care for UniversalClass. She owns and operates Senter's Quarter Horses - 21 acres of Palouse ranch land. Her business includes a boarding facility, training and lessons arena, breeding services, massage and farrier services as well as trick horse performances and training.

* Instantly download, print, and share your CEU Certificate at course completion (additional shipping/handling charges apply for hard copy delivery). UniversalClass™ offers many wonderful learning tools including an online portfolio service that manages all your course completions and CEUs.
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Course Lessons

  • Hoof Anatomy

    This lesson will walk you through an in depth look into the anatomy of the hoof. For the health and productivity of the animal, Farrier work can only begin after you have a good knowledge of equine anatomy.
  • Tools and Equipment

    In lesson you will learn about each of the tools used in Farrier work. This lesson includes tool maintenance and purchasing advice.
  • Trimming-Creating a Balanced Hoof

    This lesson will walk you step-by-step through the trimming process. You will learn safety procedures, how to handle difficult horses and how to assess your work to produce a balanced hoof.
  • Shoeing

    In this lesson you will learn the steps to shoeing a horse. We will discuss the procedures, pros, cons, and safety concerns. You will also learn how to asses shoe wear.
  • Types of Shoes

    This lesson introduces you to a wide range of standard and specialty shoes. You will learn when and how to use all types of shoes.
  • Evaluating and Correcting Structure

    This lesson will help you learn how to evaluate the overall confirmation of a horse and learn how to trim or shoe the animal to compesate for structural abnormalities
  • Laminitis and Navicular

    Laminitis and Navicular are two common hoof ailments in horses. This lesson will help you identify and treat these illnesses.
  • Hoof Diseases and Ailments

    This lesson will help you learn how to diagnose and treat other hoof ailments.
  • Dictionary

    This is a short lesson that acts as a dictionary of terms used in the farrier business.
  • Running Your Own Farrier Business

    Running your own Farrier business can be a rewarding and profitable endeavor. This lesson will walk you through certification, and working with clientele, as well as other aspects of running a successful business.
  • Horse Management

    Each horse is different to work with. This lesson will point out different considerations based on age, breed, sex and discipline.
  • Advertising and Promotion

    This lesson will show you ways to advertise your business and promote your new skills as a farrier.
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