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Course Description

A look at the components of the fascinating world of parapsychology and the paranormal.  Parapsychology takes a look at how we perceive ourselves and events outside our own personal world and what we understand about these paradigms. During this course you will investigate your own feelings and opinions about the paranormal and parapsychology and you will enter into a new and interesting personal journey as these feelings are uncovered. Is there more to the human condition than merely blood, skin , bone and nerves? Find out as we explore some interesting topics on this course. Topics covered include reincarnation & past lives, channeling, dreams, out of body experiences, astral travel, numerology, automatic writing, meditation and visualization, auras, colors, crystals, dowsing, energy healing and much, much more.

Instructor Rev. Julia Reynolds has these goals for her students in Understanding Parapsychology and the Paranormal: 1) For the student to gain a better understanding of the exciting paradigms of parapsychology and the paranormal. 2) For the student to gain a better understanding of themselves through their studies of these subjects and 3) For the student to be able to use some of the knowledge and insights gained through their study of this course to improve their every day lives.

For this course, the student will need a tape recorder and a blank cassette tape to record on to. This is necessary to help with visualizations, class lessons and assignments. You will also need to purchase a small crystal, clear quartz or any other variety is fine. A dowsing pendulum would be an advantage but is not entirely necessary. A note book, pen and colored pencils would also be useful. Aside from this an interest in all things paranormal would be an advantage!

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Paranormal Studies Picture
Paranormal Studies Picture

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Course Lessons

  • Lesson 1 - An Introduction

    This lesson contains an introduction to the fascinating world of parapsychology and the paranormal.
  • Lesson 2 The Soul, Spirit and Reincarnation

    A look at what is the soul, what is spirit and exploration of beliefs about reincarnation.
  • Lesson 3 Meditation

    What are meditation and visualization. A look at how to meditate including a guided meditation to try for yourself.
  • Lesson 4 The Aura

    An exploration of the Aura or Human Energy Field, its component parts and colors and how to see and feel the aura.
  • Lesson 5 The Chakras

    This lesson looks at the main Chakra system of the human body.
  • Lesson 6 Colors

    Here we will explore color, what it is, how we see it and how it can affect our lives.
  • Lesson 7 Crystals

    A brief history of crystal use. How to choose a crsytal, how to choose, cleanse, charge and program crystals and a brief look at types of quartz crystals.
  • Lesson 8 Numerology

    A brief look at the fascinating subject of Numerology, how your birth date and birth name numbers can reveal your character traits.
  • Lesson 9 Automatic Writing, Dowsing and Tarot

    This lesson explores automatic writing, dowsing and tarot. It includes details of how to go about trying automatic writing, dowsing and gives a brief over view of tarot.
  • Lesson 10 Angels, Spirit Guides and Psychic Ability

    What are angels, Spirit Guides, how to contact them and what are the definitions of Psychic Ability
  • Lesson 11 Out Of Body Experiences, Astral Travel and Dreams

    This lesson explores the concepts of Out of Body experiences, astral travel and dreams
  • Lesson 12 Energy Healing and Vibrational Medicine.

    A look at Energy Healing (Reiki) and Vibrational Medicine. Fascinating!
  • Lesson 13 Aliens, UFO's and Crop Circles

    Here we delve into the world of Aliens, UFO's and Crop Circles and explore some of the theories surrounding them.
  • Lesson 14 Ghosts and Hauntings

    What are ghosts, do they exist? Types of hauntings explained.
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