What Students Are Saying...


Student Testimonials

  • "I thought it was a very good, comprehensive course." -- Hubert G.
  • "I thought it was great, and encompassed everything regarding Windows 10." -- Malycia A.
  • "All of it was helpful it because it explained from the beginning on how to update to setting up all what you need." -- Maria W.
  • "This course is concise, learned a lot more features on Windows 10 than expected. If one read the lesson very closely one would be able to get full marks on the exams." -- Andrew T.
  • "I found that File Management, Users/Security/Privacy, and learning more about Microsoft Edge gave me insight about Windows 10." -- Otis H.
  • "Good course for beginners to improve by self study in their own time without any stress. Course material and video presentation was very useful. Easy to understand and work it out practically on computer. " -- Masub B.
  • "There was a large amount of material presented with helpful links and videos." -- Laura F.
  • "As a newbie to IT, this course has given me the confidence to navigate the OS without the fear of "breaking" it. The components allowed me to use the www to further my learning. My grand kids are very proud of my achievement." -- Richard B.
  • "I am quite computer savvy. However after taking this course I can see this being a good course to recommend to others." -- Steven W.
  • "I found the self discovery lessons most helpful. That's how I learn best, by doing it myself so that was a nice surprise." -- Reanna H.
  • "Please keep up the excellent work that you already provide. The complete course was helpful cause I try stay up with all windows operating systems." -- Mark B.
  • "The structure got me going. I teach some computer classes for a library and wanted to test my knowledge and evaluate this program to see if I felt comfortable recommending it to our patrons. It as a good overall review for me. " -- Marie K.
  • "As a computer novice, I found the instructions easy to follow. I understand my Microsoft program now." -- Charlean C.
  • "The videos were extremely helpful.Since I just bought a HP computer this past summer that has Windows 10, all aspects of the course were helpful to me in better understanding the many features of Windows 10." -- Sharon J.
  • "" -- Vicki U.
  • "The most useful was the creation of personal accounts. I find it interesting to know that each member of my family can have their session, including my minor children and that I can monitor what they can see on the internet. " -- Karina M.