What Students Are Saying...


Student Testimonials

  • "The course was fantastic, it settled myths and guided me down the right path for weight training. The instructor was very timely in lesson grading." -- Dennis G.
  • "This course really opened my eyes to the changes that I need to make in weight training as well as my diet and the instructor was very professional and replied to my emails as well as graded my assignments and tests in a rather rapid manner while giving detailed feedback over everything he graded and that I know takes a lot of time." -- Beau B.
  • "I love these courses because they are straight forward and to the point and easy reading, I don't have to get a dictionary out to understand. The instructor makes learning fun and easy for all education levels." -- Vera M.
  • "He was great, thank you for putting the effort and make this course." -- Vesna P.
  • "It was overall good experience." -- Sherjeel H.
  • "This instructor was very knowledgeable and responsive. I really enjoyed this class and got a lot from it." -- Alice C.
  • "What was most helpful was learning order to do your work out in. I never knew there was an order." -- Mary C.
  • "ALL parts were helpful!" -- MOHAMED F.
  • "The ease of communication between myself and the tutor was most helpful." -- Karl Y.
  • "What I found most helpful was the order in which you should exercise your muscles." -- Chris K.
  • "Great class! I really learned a lot. The material was really helpful and the instructor was great! I learned a lot and am glad I signed up for the course." -- Erica T.
  • "The instructor was very good. He was knowledgable, timely and helpful." -- Paul C.
  • "I liked the content and I really liked the instructor...very attentive and helpful. I would definitely take another class...Thanks so much." -- Linda M.
  • "The instruction was well organized. Good instructor. I saw that he was instructor on another class so I am taking it now." -- Gene M.
  • "Excellent instructor. Very pleased." -- Shervin G.
  • "The instructor was very helpful with any questions. The material was good." -- Linda C.
  • "Very enjoyable class." -- Joyce R.
  • "The instructor was prompt with questions to be answered and that is a very big plus in my book." -- Patricia K.