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Course Description

Have you ever been reading a newspaper or listening to a commentary and been confronted with a word you didn't know -- like for instance, plethora?  Over the years, you've seen and heard this word 20 times but you don't quite manage to remember the definition or use the word yourself when writing or speaking. You were supposed to have learned all this vocabulary stuff in high school or college but maybe you were absent that day? Well, It's never too late to fill in some of the gaps.

Increase your vocabulary at your own pace! Memorize just 10 words a day - or a week - whatever works for your schedule. In some cases it's not really memory work - it's just 'refreshing'. Amaze your business associates, family, friends, and (more importantly) yourself by enhancing your conversational skills. Not only will you avoid the embarrassment of misusing or mispronouncing words, but also with the right vocabulary you may impress others with your dexterous and inventive handling of important concepts without being considered a show-off.  Plus vocabulary enrichment does wonders for your self-esteem and certainly  has the added benefits of helping with crossword puzzles and Trivial Pursuit.

Through these interactive lessons, which have divided up ten different words in twenty lessons, you will learn interesting and relevant vocabulary.  Words used frequently by "experts" to describe various cultures, words used in restaurants, words used in economics and business, legal words, technology terms, psychological jargon and much more. You'll not only practice using the words in a sentence you create, you'll also be writing short paragraphs with some of the words.  Although the course emphasis is on vocabulary building, you'll have the added bonus of  receiving some general writing assistance. So join the class and retain some of those words you once learned and promptly forgot.

Course Requirements

Anyone can take this course who has at least a 9th grade reading level in English.
This would be considered an Intermediate vocabulary course.
To complete this course students must finish all assignments and quizzes.
Each lesson will be associated with a practice assignment. The assignments are just intended to help you master the new vocabulary words. Each lesson will also contain a brief quiz that will test random vocabulary words presented in the lesson.

Course Goals

The course objective is clear- increase your vocabulary by almost 200 words or phrases. Be able to pronounce, understand, and use each of these words in a written sentence or in general conversation. Establish a pattern of committing interesting words to memory.

Reading Materials

All reading materials are provided in the class lessons and through the NetLinks.

Grading Policy

This course has a total of 185 pts:
Each end of the lesson quiz is worth 6- 8 pts. (there are 19 lessons)
There is a midterm and final each worth 20 pts.
Class participation is worth 20 pts.

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Define some words rooted in foreign languages.
  • Define suffixes.
  • Recognize words with pronunciation pitfalls.
  • Define word having to do with food preparation.
  • Recognize literary terms.
  • Define words describing human traits.
  • Identify words often interchanged.
  • Recognize words used on standardized tests.
  • Identify words that may deceive you.
  • Define and recognize word roots.
  • Define adjectives for human behavior and human abnormalities.
  • Recognize words from many cultures.
  • Define common legal terms, and
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Assessment Guide

Assessment Points
Introduce Yourself1
Lesson 2 Assignment: Some Words Rooted in Foreign Languages10
Lesson 2: Quiz6
Lesson 3 Assignment: Suffixes10
Lesson 3: Quiz7
Lesson 4: Assignment Words with Pronunciation Pitfalls10
Lesson 4: Quiz5
Lesson 5 Assignment: Having to do with Food Preparation10
Lesson 5: Quiz4
Lesson 6 Assignment: Literary Terms10
Lesson 6: Quiz4
Lesson 7 Assignment: Words Describing Human Traits10
Lesson 7: Quiz5
Lesson 8 Assignment: Words Often Interchanged10
Lesson 8: Quiz3
Lesson 9 Assignment: Words Used in Testing10
Lesson 9: Quiz6
Lesson 10: Assignment: Technology Words10
Lesson 10: Quiz4
Lesson 11 Assignment: Words That May Deceive You10
Lesson 11: Quiz5
Lesson 12 Assignment: Expanding Your Description Vocabulary10
Lesson 12: Quiz4
Lesson 13 Assignment- Roots10
Lesson 13: Quiz2
Lesson 14 Assignment- Descriptive Adjectives and Human Traits10
Lesson 14: Quiz6
Lesson 15 Assignment - Legal Vocabulary10
Lesson 15: Quiz4
Lesson 16 Assignment: Words from Many Cultures10
Lesson 16: Quiz4
Lesson 17 Assignment - Business and Economic Terms10
Lesson 17: Quiz5
Lesson 18 Assignment- Words for Human Abnormalities10
Lesson 18: Quiz5
Lesson 19 Assignment- Human Behavior10
Lesson 19: Quiz4
Lesson 20 Assignment - Philosophy and Theory10
Lesson 20: Quiz4
Total Points:316

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