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Student Testimonials

  • "I really enjoyed this course. I have gone to a planetarium space show and saw Hubble in IMAX as a result." -- Gloria B.
  • "Very helpful and it encourages one to expand their knowledge of astronomy" -- Isaura A.
  • "The instructor was very knowledgeable and was always there to help with any questions. Each lesson were clear and easy to follow." -- Bill S.
  • "The audio/visual reading of the content was most helpful." -- William S.
  • "It was the overall learning experience of taking an online class that helped me the most. The instructor was very prompt in answering my questions and clarifying data." -- Shawn K.
  • "The optional videos helped emphasize the main points. The internet links were also very helpful." -- Michael H.
  • "I found all the lessons useful, but I really enjoyed the lessons on The Big Bang, The Sun, The planets, and comets. I have been very happy with my tutor. She has really encouraged me, and always answered any queries I had very promptly! She is an excellent instructor! " -- Gael M.
  • "The instructor was very timely, courteous and professional in responding to submitted assignments, exams and e-mails. She definitely knew the subject matter and did an excellent job in organizing and presenting the material." -- Lewis W.

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