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Student Testimonials

  • "Instructor was very professional and responded in a timely manner." -- Terry W.
  • "This class was amazing. I could not tear myself away from it. I just had to move on from lesson to lesson. I applaud the instructor for the amazing class. The set up is perfect the information intriguing and the feedback positive and helpful. Good Work!" -- Kelly S.
  • "The instructor was great!" -- Susan P.
  • "I found this course to be very helpful. I have always been very interested in haunted places in general and any information I can get I enjoy. I loved this class. It was a wonderful experience and am grateful to have been able to take it." -- Melissa A.
  • "He is a very kind instructor. Always willing to communicate and was very prompt when grading material." -- Joy W.
  • "The fast response from the instructor and his comments about the submissions. He is extremely personable." -- Doris S.
  • "The history and detail for each lesson was unique and extremely helpful." -- Shanda K.
  • "Mr. McKenna was very professional, very nice. He knows his stuff and I learned a lot. I think the overall presentation of the lessons helped me to understand the material. I especially found the video links helpful. It gave me a birds eye view of the places themselves." -- Jacqueline S.
  • "The quizzes helped me remember the facts that I might have otherwise forgotten. The instructer was also very helpful." -- Laura O.
  • "Fun and interesting......creepy and unnerving.... Great instructor....always so timely in grading assignments and gives good feedback so it always appears as though he is reading the essays." -- Lianne S.
  • "I had fun learning. Thank you!" -- Rose A.
  • "Everything was thoroughly researched and very easy to understand." -- Nicole M.
  • "I found all the course very helpful. Very well organized. The instructor is very nice and I would like to take another course with him in the near future." -- Sarah P.
  • "He was a very helpful instructor. He always answered all my emails and responded to my tests/assignments very quickly. I thought the material was very informative and fun to read." -- Brandy T.
  • "I really enjoyed learning about various haunted places." -- Dawn C.
  • "This was a great class, through no fault of the class that I took so long to complete it - life happened along the way that gave me no time to go on line but I was happy I could go back to it after so long. I have recommended it to many people in our library system. It would be a terrible waste of resources if people do not at least try a class or two." -- Mary Jo V.
  • "The instructor was just super responsive. I actually spoke with him through email and it made it feel like I actually got to know him. All submissions were graded and results given in really short turnaround times. I've taken several online courses and never had an instructor this responsive. I really enjoyed being able to watch the lessons as well as read them. The website links were extremely informative as well as interesting." -- Donnie P.
  • "This was a very enjoyable course and the instructor was a lot of fun." -- Jodie K.
  • "I very much enjoyed taking this course. Even minus the ghost element I found the history of all these places very interesting and fun to learn about." -- Elizabeth S.
  • "I loved the entire course....Great teacher, great subject!" -- Sally F.
  • "Interesting. Thought provoking. Compelling to do further research on the subject matter." -- Allie K.
  • "This was a really fun and interesting class. The instructor was knowledgeable and encouraging. I appreciated the videos for each lesson." -- Marie R.

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