Course Credits and References


Daniel Brown

Course Author

Daniel Brown has been working in technology and education for over 15 years. His work includes classroom teaching from public schools to university and corporate courses, as well as working in IT departments as a developer, system administrator, network administrator, and security administrator. In addition to holding a B.A. and M.A., he has numerous certifications in teaching, software, hardware, and network security. As a writer, he has authored and co-authored dozens of coursebooks, educational books, and articles. His writing has received recognition from the British Council in innovative writing. He currently is focused on technical writing on a wide variety of topics. 


Joseph Gohl

Course Instructor
With over 25 years experience in programming applications in nearly every language available, there just isn't a programming problem I haven't yet encountered or couldn't easily solve with enough persistence--or at the very least, provide a clever work around. Anything is possible! Particularly with programming software. With a liberal arts background and graduate work in Computing, Technology, and Education, I'm in a unique position to help bridge the gap for non-technical users to understand programming and technology without getting too heavy-handed in the tech jargon.

Ben Brumm

Course Developer

Ben Brumm stands out as a highly skilled software consultant, distinguished advanced application programmer, and a certified Oracle authority. Boasting over a decade of triumphs in consulting and educating in software applications, programming, and database development, Ben has established himself as a formidable figure in the field. His academic journey began with a Bachelor of Computing, where he honed a specific focus on Databases and Java. This foundation was further strengthened by obtaining several IT diplomas, encompassing software and website development. His drive and expertise culminated in the creation of his own thriving consulting enterprise, DWS Consulting. Ben's professional portfolio is marked by his extensive contributions to business intelligence reporting, the telecommunications sector, and sophisticated financial modeling. This breadth of experience underscores his versatility and commitment to excellence in the dynamic world of IT and software development.