Course Credits and References


Christia Bowden

Course Developer Christia Bowden (AA, BA, MA) is a highly motivated and talented instructional designer with a strong background in technology and graphic design. She has developed numerous e-learning resources for several customized Adobe applications, and has worked as an editor and copywriter for both small and large websites. She completed her instructional design and technology Master's degree program by creating user interface designs with Adobe Captivate and Adobe Illustrator. She has several years experience creating Adobe applications training materials and holds several application certifications in the graphics design field.

Joseph Gohl

Course Instructor With over 25 years experience in programming applications in nearly every language available, there just isn't a programming problem I haven't yet encountered or couldn't easily solve with enough persistence--or at the very least, provide a clever work around. Anything is possible! Particularly with programming software. With a liberal arts background and graduate work in Computing, Technology, and Education, I'm in a unique position to help bridge the gap for non-technical users to understand programming and technology without getting too heavy-handed in the tech jargon.