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Course Description

Project 2013 is the latest release of the popular project management software created by Microsoft.  This program is designed to assist project managers in planning, executing, and managing small and large projects alike by helping them develop a plan, create tasks, assign resources, manage a budget, and track progress. 

This course was designed to teach you how to successfully use MS Project 2013, no matter if you've ever used the program before or not.  Both the beginner and seasoned Project user can benefit from this course, starting with the basics of the program including navigation and continuing on to more advanced features.  You do not need to have access to MS Project 2013 to take or complete this course. However, it is recommended.

This course covers everything you need to know to successfully use Project 2013 including:

ü How to plan for your next project

ü The necessary documentation needed during the planning stage

ü Creating a project within Project 2013

ü All about tasks

ü Creating, managing, scheduling, and tracking tasks

ü Creating, managing, assigning, and tracking resources

ü How to work with deadlines and constraints

ü What to do in Project 2013 if your project isn't going according to schedule

ü All about dependencies

ü The importance of lag time and lead time with tasks

ü How to create baselines and interim plans

ü Running reports

ü Printing reports and project information

ü And more

Successfully managing a project requires discipline.  It requires that time, scope, and cost are managed in a way that bring about the completion of specific goals or a project itself.  This requires planning and organization.  Microsoft Project 2013 can help project managers and their staff organize their projects and meet their goals by acting as a virtual assistant that can produce information, charts, and reports to help the project smoothly advance through to completion.  This course teaches you how to use Project 2013 to do all of that – and more.  

Course Requirements

You should have a high school reading level and be competent in basic computer usage and terminology. 

You should also have a working version of Microsoft Project in order to complete the assignment activities. If you do not have a version installed or have access to it you can get a 30 day trial version which you can download here:


Course Topics

Lesson 1: Introduction to MS Project 2013

Lesson 2: Creating and Defining Projects

Lesson 3: Entering and Scheduling Tasks

Lesson 4: Project 2013 Views

Lesson 5: Calendars

Lesson 6: Organizing Tasks

Lesson 7: Working with Task Duration, Constraints, and Deadlines

Lesson 8: Introducing Dependencies

Lesson 9: Working with Resources

Lesson 10: Customizing and Formatting

Lesson 11: Resource Management

Lesson 12: Communication and Progress Updates

Lesson 13: Tracking Work in Project

Lesson 14: Using Baselines

Lesson 15: Running Reports

Lesson 16: Printing Project Information

Lesson 17: Consolidating Projects and Resources

Course Materials

All course material will be provided in the lessons and netlinks. You should have a working version of Microsoft Project installed on your computer so you can do the assignment activities.

Grading Policy

Each lesson will include a lesson review quiz along with an assignment. Students will successfully complete this course by mastering all learning outcomes with 70% or higher overall grade.

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Describe what Microsoft Project 2013 is and how it is used in the workplace.
  • Demonstrate creating and defining projects.
  • Demonstrate entering and scheduling tasks.
  • Demonstrate using Project views, calendars, and tasks.
  • Demonstrate working with task duration, constraints, and deadlines.
  • Demonstrate using and managing dependencies.
  • Demonstrate working with resources, customizing, formatting, and resource management
  • Know communication and progress updates using MS Project.
  • Know processes for tracking work in project.
  • Demonstrate using baselines, running reports, and printing project information.
  • Demonstrate how to consolidate projects and resources, and
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Assessment Guide

Assessment Points
Lesson 1 Exam9
Lesson 2 Assignment1
Lesson 2 Exam10
Lesson 3 Assignment1
Lesson 3 Exam10
Lesson 4 Assignment1
Lesson 4 Exam10
Lesson 5 Assignment1
Lesson 5 Exam10
Lesson 6 Assignment1
Lesson 6 Exam10
Lesson 7 Assignment1
Lesson 7 Exam10
Lesson 8 Exam10
Lesson 9 Assignment1
Lesson 9 Exam10
Lesson 10 Exam10
Lesson 11 Assignment1
Lesson 11 Exam10
Lesson 12 Exam10
Lesson 13 Assignment1
Lesson 13 Exam10
Lesson 14 Exam10
Lesson 15 Assignment1
Lesson 15 Exam9
Lesson 16 Exam10
Lesson 17 Assignment1
Lesson 17 Exam10
The Final Exam79
Total Points:258

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