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Testimonials for Philosophy 101

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Student Testimonials

  • "Good instructor. I enjoyed the course!" -- Carlos C.
  • "Every part of the course added to my knowledge and understanding of philosophy." -- Adam B.
  • "Instructor was great; responded quickly, very fair, enjoyable to work with. also enjoyed the way it was broken down by categories - logic, ethics, religion, social and political, etc.; I thought the terms and definitions were excellent." -- Mark D.
  • "I will be taking Greek Mythology with this same Instructor next." -- Robert K.
  • "This is my first philosophy course. No previous experience. Found the content excellent. Easy to follow and understand. Feedback always encouraging which was a great help. Really enjoyed it all. I am converted. I thought philosophy was intense and difficult but I found it interesting, easy to follow. I realize I have only made a small start but it was every encouraging. Will go further with this subject." -- Frankie S.
  • "This is an excellent instructor." -- Karen R.
  • "The lessons give an excellent structure to the course." -- Wayne P.
  • "Great experience with you." -- Yasar S.
  • "I felt each lesson was important for a beginning course such as this one. I particularly enjoyed the ones the dealt more in detail on the various disciplines in philosophy. Over all the course generated an interest into learning more." -- John S.


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