What Students Are Saying...


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Student Testimonials

  • "All of it helped greatly." -- Sonja M.
  • "The Complete course was very helpful." -- Samuel A.
  • "Great Instructor." -- Joann B.
  • "Very helpful and responsed to my e-mails very quickly." -- Rick D.
  • "I've learned to troubleshoot my own computer which I think is of great value. It's way to expensive to bring it to a technician all the time." -- Margaret M.
  • "Very easy to learn from." -- William G.
  • "It was liberating to learn how to troubleshoot and repair my computer and I will continue to refer to my notes when I encounter difficulties with my computer. Thanks." -- Jean S.
  • "This is an excellent instructor. I have found him to be very thorough and also provided any additional information that he felt would enhance the class experience." -- Barbara M.
  • "Being a first time online user, the entire course was a great experience. I am a computer hobbyist and any and all computer related material is useful." -- Michael P.
  • "The instructor was great! Enjoyed it all!" -- Deborah C.
  • "I enjoyed taking the class, and thank you very much. Hope to take another course with you." -- Darryl L.
  • "Enjoyable course and the instructor was very good." -- Nathan W.
  • "I like the courses, it gives you knowledge that you need to start and refresh your memory." -- Gilbert M.
  • "Terms was so helpful and the instructions were great to understand." -- Darlene D.
  • "I am happy and thank you and the Instructor." -- Keith M.
  • "Great and very knowledgeable." -- Denise T.
  • "Highly recommend this course and the instructors are attentive so the students are not waiting very long for the results of assignments and exams." -- Loida L.
  • "The course is well organize as well as the instructor. He is awesome. What was most helpful was the manner in which it gives step by step instructions to subject." -- Godfred B.