Course Credits and References


Caitlyn Caldwell

Course Developer

Caitlyn Caldwell has been active in marketing and education for 10 years. She has taught writing, reading, research, and literature courses for undergraduate and graduate students in addition to working administratively in higher education as a writer, strategic marketer, and market analyst. She is a published writer and researcher. She holds a Master of Arts in English Literature from Case Western Reserve University, a creative writing teaching certificate, and a non-public teaching certificate as well as a number of specialty certifications in marketing and innovation. She has taught students young and old, with experience from preschool aged children to adult learners. She is a dedicated livelong learner and lover of books.


Linda Zavadil

Course Instructor

Linda Zavadil, with a BA and MA in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University, is an accomplished business management professional with over 20 years of experience. Her expertise covers finance, human resources, customer relations, and recruitment, particularly in managing large-scale organizations. Linda has successfully overseen multi-million dollar budgets, mediated personnel issues, and developed comprehensive training and policies for organizational managers and employees. Her skill in harmonizing various business areas—accounting, finance, HR, marketing, sales, and customer service—has been pivotal in boosting company profitability and efficiency. Linda's strategic and holistic approach makes her a distinguished figure in the realm of business management.