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Student Testimonials

  • "This class was beyond the other Medical Terminology classes that I took. This class pushed me to go beyond what I could do. I found it very challenging!" -- Carla L. O.
  • "Each chapter was very interesting and informative." -- Cynthia S.
  • "I thought the instructor was wonderful. She was very encouraging to me." -- Rena M.
  • "Very useful course and Diana did an excellent job." -- James P.
  • "I liked all the different areas of the body broken up for learning. The fact that I already have quite a bit of medical terminology already. This course added more knowledge for me." -- Anita R.
  • "The material is broad and very well organized. I enjoyed this course a lot, and look forward to learning more with this instructor. Thank you!" -- KT B.
  • "Lessons were most helpful because they have categories like pathology, diagnostics, treatments, etc... This really helps to relate problems to solutions" -- Buu N.
  • "This was a totally intense course, but definitely worth the time and effort. I learned a lot and look forward to putting my knowledge to work. And yes, I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants a challenging worthwhile course in medical terminology!" -- Kristi G.
  • "What was most helpful was the videos with each lesson to listen to as I read the lessons." -- Deborah R.
  • "I appreciated the breakdown by body organization. The videos were the very helpful. Hearing how to pronounce the medical terms helps me retain the information. I also appreciate the assignments. I think I learn more from doing those than any other part of the class." -- Julie B.
  • "I have found the instructor to be fairly prompt with the evaluation of test results given her work load. I also appreciate the explanation of the incorrect answers - this is extremely useful and although this may all be automated, the feedback comes directly from the instructor which gives it the personal interaction it deserves" -- LILIAN H.
  • "The course was very good learning tool as I deal with medical diagnoses every day." -- Lynn M.
  • "The instructor was very prompt when grading the assinments and tests. Thank you!" -- Stacy S.
  • "The entire course was helpful, and the general layout of each lesson made them easy to understand." -- Jessica S.
  • "The materials are clear and uncluttered. I found that I was not distracted by any advertising,logo, etc. while preparing for the exams. I liked the break-down of the different systems." -- Lillie B.
  • "I found it very helpful that I could print out the class notes so that I could study the material at the gym or while waiting to pick up my kids in carpool line. I also enjoyed the video lectures because it helped me with proper pronunciation of medical terminology terms." -- Kristin G.
  • "Overall this was a good experience and the instructor was always available and her feedback was invaluable! I have enjoyed this class and experience! Thank You" -- Pauline V.
  • "Very interesting but challenging course." -- Bernard B.
  • "In general, the course was assembled very well. I was able to achieve what was intended. The videos at the end of each lessons are a very usefull tool to grasp the lesson from a different perpective and therefore increasing the value of the learning experience." -- Agardino S.

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