What Students Are Saying...


Student Testimonials

  • "The instructor was quite knowledgeable and interesting to listen to." -- Patricia T.
  • "The lessons were clear and easy to follow. Great course." -- Dean T.
  • "It was a pleasure studying and talking with this instructor. She was very helpful when I had a question that had nothing to do with Mediation 101. I would definitely take more of her classes." -- Ruby R.
  • "I can now go out and Mediate with confidence. Thank You!" -- Linda A.
  • "This course was extremely helpful to me and answered all of my questions. I appreciated the prompt response of my instructor. I feel prepared to mediate conflict resolution sessions within my client organizations." -- Michele S.
  • "I found the process of mediation very interesting. There were lots of things I didn't know about the mediation process that will be helpful to me. I enjoyed all the extra readings as well as the course material." -- Sheila G.
  • "Happy with the course, thank you. It was an interesting course. I am looking for other courses to complete." -- Keith M.
  • "I found all parts of this course helpful. Instructor really kept up with me, I worked this course quickly and she was very explicit, on her comments, which was very helpful in my learning experience. My goal was too make a career change and this course and the instructor were wonderful, and navigating the system was easy to figure out." -- Teresa C.
  • "All of it was helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed this course!!" -- Mohammad H.
  • "Enjoyed taking this course! The overall course content gave me the basic in-depth information I needed in order to consider becoming a Child/Family Mediator. I anticipate furthering my education in Mediation as a result of taking this course." -- Lynda M.
  • "Had a great time taking the course!" -- Kyle W.
  • "The course was good and the critique from the instructor was very useful. " -- Thomas C.
  • "I was very happy that the instructor was available for email discussion about points I needed clarified." -- Sharon E.
  • "I found having the option to sit back and listen to the lesson being read a major plus. It served as both a review and reinforcement tool...This course was very helpful in every way. The instructor was quickly responsive to test and assignment grading." -- Nicki B.
  • "All parts of this course were helpful." -- Lyndia M.