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Student Testimonials

  • "This course is very educational." -- Kalif A.
  • "All parts were Very helpful because they've taken me 'from zero to hero', I'm realy thankful!" -- Revd. Abraham J. A.
  • "I find the whole UniversalClass experience helpful, thank you." -- Marie C.
  • "It was a good overall view of life coaching. It also appeals on a personal level, not just professional. It is very helpful in self-awareness." -- Ron R.
  • "The assignments are helpful, as completing them encourages one to learn more, from research, and the the analyses and practical work which some of the assignments required" -- Janet M.
  • "The whole course overall was helpful, but the best part for me was the chapter on overcoming procrastination....This course was a great insight into the world of life coaching. Now I know for sure that this is something I want to pursue." -- Joann R.
  • "All lessons were helpful. I especially liked the assignment feedback - showing a model of the task when we receive our results." -- Josephine M.
  • "I found the entire course to be most helpful and I appreciate the time and effort put in to make it a valuable course to take." -- Edith H.
  • "It has been a pleasure!" -- Chanse B.
  • "Great course Iwill refer others for sure." -- Chris P.
  • "I found the assignments to be most helpful. They gave dimension and clarity to the text and helped me to own the concepts." -- Sue H.
  • "I really enjoyed every part of the course, from the online lesson material to the other site included. I also felt that the short essays and exams were very relevant and useful to review the most important parts of the lessons." -- Rachel N.
  • "I love everything on it. I learned a lot!" -- Gilberta M G.
  • "I have nothing but gratitude." -- DANIEL K.
  • "The instructor was prompt and thorough in his feedback. He always graded assignments and exams in a very timely manner." -- Kathy M.
  • "Eston is a great teacher. He is supportive, caring and an awesome guide in this class! He is an great example of what a virtual teacher should be :)" -- Cindylu F.
  • "The whole course was helpful!" -- Calvin M.
  • "Great instructor!" -- Jose D.
  • "My instructor was the best part of my experiences with the class. I loved the content and found the program to be much more useful than I had imagined." -- Kelly L.
  • "Timely and consistent with feedback." -- Joyce D. H.

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