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Course Description

The Art and Craft of Comedy Writing: Your Journey from Novice to Pro

Laughter: It's the universal medicine, the magic elixir that has the capability to heal wounds of the soul and uplift the human spirit. Throughout history, societies have lauded those gifted few who possess the prowess to ignite laughter, the jesters, the comedians, and the writers. It is no wonder that many of us admire, and even sometimes, envy those who can spark joy and especially those who have the talent to pen down humor.

Introducing a comprehensive course tailored to provide you with a holistic understanding and appreciation of comedy writing. This program will not only induct you into the world of those adept humorists but will equip you with the tools and skills to master the art yourself.

At the core of every memorable anecdote, captivating sitcom, or side-splitting stand-up routine lies the foundation of well-crafted writing. The pen, in the hands of a skilled writer, becomes a powerful instrument, drawing forth emotions, evoking laughter, and leaving a lasting impact on the audience. Writing that touches the heart requires a keen understanding of rhythm, timing, and human psychology.

Over the course of this meticulously designed program, we will delve deep into various facets of comedic writing:

  • The dynamics of humor: Discover the underpinnings of what makes us laugh and understand the subtle differences between various comedic genres.

  • Essential tools and techniques: From the intricacies of punchlines to the nuances of comedic timing, grasp the essential components that make a piece humorous.

  • Market dynamics: In the age of digital virality, understand how to position your comedic pieces, and identify your niche in the vast realm of humor.

  • The journey of writing: Recognize the importance of preparation, consistent practice, and persistence in molding your unique voice in comedic writing.

Furthermore, this isn't just another course that offers you repetitive exercises or makes tall claims of instant success. Real growth and mastery come from understanding, practice, and consistent feedback. Our commitment is to provide you with a genuine foundation in comedy writing, guiding you step by step as you hone your craft.

Course Breakdown:

  1. Let It Flow!: Dive deep into the rhythm of comedic writing and understand the importance of authenticity.
  2. Yes - You Can Learn to Write Humor: Debunk myths around inherent comedic talent and uncover the trainable aspects of humor writing.
  3. Exactly What is Humor?: From slapstick to satire, explore the vast spectrum of comedic forms.
  4. The Skills You'll Need: Equip yourself with essential tools, from crafting punchlines to understanding comedic timing.
  5. Getting Ready to Write: Understand the preparatory phase of comedy writing, from ideation to drafting.
  6. A 'Hobby' or a 'Career'?: Reflect on your aspirations and align your writing practice accordingly.
  7. Getting in the Flow: Foster a consistent writing regimen, fueling creativity and refining your voice.
  8. Discovering and Establishing Your Particular Market Niche: Navigate the comedy ecosystem and carve a space for your unique voice.
  9. The "Go's" and "Whoa's" of Shortcuts to Humor: Learn the merits and pitfalls of various comedic shortcuts.
  10. The Importance of Starting and Maintaining Your Comedy Journal: Chronicle your growth, inspirations, and comedic ideas.
  11. Marketing You and Your Material: Dive into the world of comedic content marketing, leveraging platforms and building an audience.
  12. Your Exercise Revisited and Renewed: Reflect, analyze, and set forth on continued growth and learning.

In conclusion, if you harbor the passion for comedy and are driven by the desire to master the art of comedic writing, this course is your gateway. Come, journey with us through the captivating world of humor, understanding its intricacies, mastering its techniques, and most importantly, spreading joy and laughter. Your comedic journey begins here.

  • Completely Online
  • Self-Paced
  • Printable Lessons
  • Full HD Video  
  • 6 Months to Complete
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Start Anytime
  • PC & Mac Compatible
  • Android & iOS Friendly
  • Accredited CEUs
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Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Recognize that you can learn to write humor.
  • Define what humor is.
  • Describe the skills you'll need.
  • Prepare for writing humor.
  • Determine whether or not to write for fun or profit.
  • Demonstrate basic humor writing techniques.
  • Discover and establish your particular humor niche.
  • Maintain a comic journal.
  • Describe ways to market your material.
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Assessment Guide

Assessment Points
An Introduction 1 points
Lesson 1 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 1 Quiz 10 points
Lesson 2 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 2 Quiz 10 points
Lesson 3 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 3 Quiz 10 points
Lesson 4 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 4 Quiz 10 points
Lesson 5 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 5 Quiz 10 points
Lesson 6 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 6 Quiz 10 points
Lesson 7 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 7 Quiz 10 points
Lesson 8 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 8 Quiz 9 points
Lesson 9 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 9 Quiz 10 points
Lesson 10 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 10 Quiz 10 points
Lesson 11 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 11 Quiz 10 points
Lesson 12 Assignment 25 points
The Final Assignment 25 points
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