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Course Description

Whether you are seeking to raise funds for your non-profit group, a worthy charity, political or religious organization, your local school or to provide community specific aid, this detailed course will provide you with everything you need to know about the basics of fundraising. 
Although Fundraising 101 is geared towards the novice, even those with past fundraising experience will find useful ideas and the latest information.


Fundraising is a fulfilling and worthwhile endeavor,  it can also be overwhelming and confusing if you are not sure where to start or how to stay on track. With the magnitude of charities out there soliciting funds from givers it also becomes a difficult task to make your own group stand out from the others. Convincing potential contributors to rally to your cause requires the efforts of several dedicated individuals and substantial organization long before you ever ask that defining question--"Would you please help with your donation?"


Making full use of this course in its entirety is the first step in turning the dreaded response "I gave at the office," into the much desired "Sure, I can donate!"

Course Requirements

There are no educational requirements for taking this course other than a high school reading level in English.  All material will be given online so there are no required books or materials to take the course.

Course Goals

The main goal for students taking this online course is to learn what's needed to get started in the fundraising world. Practicing good fundraising techniques is key in making your nonprofit grow and maintaining a stance of integrity will build a solid reputation for your group that will ultimately offer great rewards.

Course Lessons

Lesson 1: “Fundraising Start-Up Essentials” topics:

  • Defining Your Mission
  • Making Your Case Statement
  • Setting Your Group Apart
  • Building Your Team
  • Organizing Your Team
  • Essential Skills
  • Essential Equipment and Technology


Lesson 2: “Developing Your Fundraising Plan” topics:

  • Setting A Realistic Fundraising Goal
  • Evaluating Your Assets
  • Organizing Your Plan
  • Developing Strategy


Lesson 3: “Marketing Strategies for Fundraisers” topics:

  • Writing a Winning Grant Proposal
  • Utilizing the Media
  • The Benefits of Using Direct Mail
  • Working the Phones
  • Making the Most of Give Aways and Gifts
  • How to Sell Without Selling


Lesson 4: “Using the Internet and Technology” topics:

  • Creating a Web site
  • Getting the Most from emails and Newsletters
  • Extending Your Branding
  • Software for the Business of Fundraising
  • Creating a Database of Donors


Lesson 5: “Fundraising Events” topics:

  • Special Events
  • Raising Money with Product Fundraising
  • Lectures
  • Small Events for Donors


Lesson 6: “Attracting and Winning Major Donors” topics:

  • Make Your Organization Look Support Worthy
  • Prospect Identification
  • Research and Verification
  • Meet Your Donor
  • Cultivating Generous Givers
  • Handling Planned Gifts


Lesson 7: “Strategies to Keep the Givers giving” topics:

  • Thanking Your Supporters
  • Stewardship
  • Inviting Supporters to Get Involved
  • Analyzing Your Database
  • When to Call Upon Your Supporters

Grading Policy

The course has 7 lessons. There are points for assignments and quizzes and class participation in forums (discussions). A percentage grade will be given based on point accumulation.

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Describe fundraising start-up essentials.
  • Develop a fundraising plan.
  • Describe marketing strategies for fundraisers.
  • Describe and plan fundraising events.
  • Know best practices for attracting and winning major donors.
  • Determine strategies to keep givers giving, and
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Assessment Guide

Assessment Points
Assignment Lesson 1A1
Assignment Lesson 1B2
Lesson 1 Review9
Lesson 2 Review10
Lesson 3 Review10
Lesson 4 Review10
Lesson 5 Review9
Lesson 6 Review10
Assignment Lesson 71
Lesson 7 Review10
Total Points:72

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