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Student Testimonials

  • "Pretty much the whole course was helpful. I learned a lot of valuable knowledge. Everything I know or thought I knew was by teaching myself. Now I feel that I have accomplished something new. Thank You for offering these courses." -- Mark B.
  • "I learned so much in this course." -- Debra B.
  • "All the parts of the course were helpful to be honest. It was a new experience to me." -- Kiara S.
  • "Great class." -- Edmund G.
  • "All of it was helpful since I did not know it." -- Thomas M.
  • "All was very well organized." -- Alicia R.
  • "I found the content of this course to be excellent. For me, the most helpful aspects to understanding and retaining the information were the assignments and exams, but I also found the videos helped clarify the concepts presented in the lesson." -- Bonnie F.
  • "I can thank you for making all this information and training available to the public. I REALLY AND TRULY appreciate it. I have every intention of taking advantage of it, and spreading the word every chance I get." -- Margaret M.
  • "The course instructor was very efficient in marking my exams and providing me with feedback." -- Gemma T.
  • "Overall, this course was extremely helpful. I am amazed at all the things that can be done with Excel. I also delighted in having the links that added additional information to improve a students skills, as well as having access to purchasing options which were advertised on some links. The videos were very helpful, for people like me, who need visual examples too. I strongly believe that if I had a job working with Excel, this course would indeed make my a pro and improve my skills and knowledge a lot." -- Florentina R.
  • "This was a great introduction to Excel 2016. I feel that I learned enough to get myself started." -- Monica F.
  • "Great instructor. Logical progression of lessons. All aspects were explained well." -- Richard A. P.
  • "Excellent instructor. I did not ask any questions." -- Ken M.
  • "Video tutorials were excellent." -- Bonita W.
  • "I enjoyed listening to the instructor's videos. Every single lesson had good instruction." -- David L.
  • "No comments the instructor was great." -- Deborah T.
  • "Overall, good experience." -- Deborah S.
  • "Prompt with lesson submission response. Made the experience worth completing. You did a wonderful job." -- David B.
  • "I received the feedback and comments, I appreciate the time and effort to do it." -- Ryan S.

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