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Testimonials for Energy Healing

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Student Testimonials

  • "The entire course was helpful" -- Rebekah C.
  • "Everything was helpful in learning this." -- Charlesa Kaye R.
  • "I enjoyed this course a lot." -- Deborah Irene P.
  • "The actual explanations of the different methods of energy healing and how to execute them. It was very precise and clear and with practice I think I could learn to use them on myself and others. ...Overall, I was very satisfied with the course and am looking forward to taking Homeopathy 101. I will sign up right away so I can encorporate it with the knowledge I have recieved from your energy healing lesson." -- Terry M.
  • "The instructor is very good with the course material thorough." -- Denise E.
  • "The entire course was a blessing for me. The instructor was wonderful. The material answered a life long question for me....I am happy." -- DIANNE E.
  • "I found every lesson interesting, but the lesson about the working with energy and the chakras, I thought was very interesting....matching them with the healing, obstruction in the meridian...very very interesting....Anxious to start another one....thanks." -- colette T.
  • "Good overall energy healing instruction....The instructor marked asignments promptly and I would say she is a good instructor in this field." -- Tanith D.
  • "Good assignments and lessons....Excellent class." -- Dave S.
  • "What was most helpful was the clarity and organiziation of material was excelllent." -- joy S.
  • "I found the instructor very inspiring; always available and the content of the course is extremely useful in my Healing practice...Thanks a lot for offering such wonderful courses..." -- Roshan M.


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