Course Description

Deciphering the Secrets of Ancient Egypt: Beyond the Mystique

Delve into the captivating realm of ancient Egypt, a world bathed in mystique, grandeur, and intriguing paradoxes. While the iconic pyramids, mystical mummies, and hieroglyphic wonders might seem familiar, a treasure trove of lesser-known stories and staggering truths lie beneath the surface. Did you know, for instance, that the mummification of cats surpassed even that of humans in ancient Egypt? Or that the majestic pharaohs, hailed for their earthly might, were not just liaisons to the divine but were revered as deities themselves?

Course Highlights:

  1. Age-old Myths and More: Navigate through the intricate web of Egyptian mythology that persisted for an astounding four millennia. This incredible span of time sets it apart in the annals of long-gone religions.

  2. Sailing the Nile: Embark on a riveting journey along the Nile's shimmering waters, as we uncover the tales, traditions, and truths of one of humanity's most illustrious civilizations.

  3. Modern in Antiquity: Challenge the conventional and discover the surprisingly contemporary facets of this ancient society. From their socio-cultural nuances to their scientific strides, there's a modern echo in the distant past.

  4. Symbols and Significance: Decode the symbolism of revered animals like hippos and the cultural importance of elements like beer, and grasp their monumental relevance in ancient Egyptian ethos.

  5. Conquerors and Culture: Dive deep into a world where legendary conquerors merge seamlessly into the expansive tapestry of Egyptian heritage, highlighting its allure and impact.

  6. The Scholar's Quest: Engage with riveting analyses, historic explorations, and modern interpretations by renowned scholars. Witness the fascinating confluence of age-old scripts and 21st-century academic pursuits.

What Awaits You:

Beyond mere facts, this course is a sensory expedition that paints vivid imagery of the sun-kissed sands of Giza, the awe-inducing temples of Luxor, and the bustling marketplaces of Thebes. Feel the pulse of a civilization that, while ancient, pulsates with vitality, innovation, and unparalleled grandeur.

Why Choose This Course?

Our expertly curated content not only sheds light on known wonders but also unveils hidden gems and untold stories. Through a blend of rich visual content, immersive narratives, and engaging modules, this course goes beyond a simple historical recounting. It invites you to feel, ponder, and connect with a civilization that has shaped many aspects of our modern world.

Join us in unraveling the enigmatic allure of ancient Egypt. Whether you're an avid historian, a curious soul, or someone seeking a deeper understanding of humanity's rich tapestry, this course promises a journey like no other. Step into a realm where every glyph tells a story and every pyramid holds a secret. Rediscover ancient Egypt, where the past resonates in the present.

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Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Summarize Egyptian worship and Egyptian gods.
  • Describe the religious elite.
  • Summarize examples of Egyptian myths.
  • Describe Egyptian mythology in the ancient world.
  • Summarize hieroglyphs, iconography and art of Egyptian mythology.
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Assessment Guide

Assessment Points
Egyptian Worship 50 points
Lesson 1 Exam 10 points
Gods and Goddesses 50 points
Lesson 2 Exam 10 points
The Religious Elite 50 points
Lesson 3 Exam 9 points
Lesson 4 Assignment 50 points
Lesson 4 Exam 10 points
Lesson 5 Exam 10 points
Lesson 6 Exam 9 points
Lesson 7 Exam 10 points
Lesson 8 Assignment 50 points
Lesson 8 Exam 10 points
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