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Course Syllabus: Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

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Course Description

This research based introductory course will provide comprehensive information  on Emotional and Behavioral disorders. Course material will provide you with information on: definitions, characteristics, prevalence, causes, assessment, education service placements, functional behavior assessment, ABA and Positive Behavior Supports, advocacy, and current issues in the field.

This information will benefit all educational teachers and counselors,  parents or anyone who is interested in learning about this disorder.

Course Requirements

There are no educational requirements other than a high school reading and writing level.

Course Goals and Objectives

Course Goals

-learn the definitions of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

-learn the characteristics of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

- learn the education service placements

-learn about functional behavior assessment

-learn about ABA and Positive Behavior Supports

-learn about advocacy, and current issues in the field.


Course Objectives

Lesson 1: Definition of Emotional Disturbance and Behavioral Disorders

Lesson 2: Characteristics of Emotional Disturbance/Behavioral Disorders

Lesson 3: Prevalence of Emotional Disturbance/Behavioral Disorders

Lesson 4: Causes of Emotional Disturbance/Behavioral Disorders

Lesson 5: Assessment And Diagnosis

Lesson 6: Educational Placements and Services

Lesson 7: Functional Behavioral Assessment

Lesson 8: Applied Behavior Analysis and Positive Behavior Supports

Lesson 9: Advocacy for Students with Emotional Disturbance and Behavioral Disorders

Lesson 10: Collection of Current Event Articles and Issues in the Field

Course Materials

All course materials will be online and no outside purchases will be required.

Grading Policy

The course is divided into 10 lessons. At the end of each lesson will be brief quiz and assignment based on the lesson material.  A percentage grade will be given based on point accumulation.

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Define emotional disturbances and behavioral disorders.
  • Describe characteristics of emotional Disturbance/behavioral disorders
  • Describe the prevalence of emotional disturbance/behavioral disorders.
  • Describe causes of emotional disturbance/behavioral disorders.
  • Describe assessment and diagnosis.
  • Describe educational placements and services.
  • Describe functional behavioral assessment.
  • Describe applied behavior analysis and positive behavior supports.
  • Describe advocacy for students with emotional disturbance and behavioral disorders, and
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Assessment Guide

An IntroductionAssignment1
Lesson 1 Assignment: What is this disability?Assignment2
Lesson 1 ExamExam18
Lesson 2 Assignment: CharacteristicsAssignment2
Lesson 2 ExamExam42
Lesson 3 Assignment: Identification Rates Assignment2
Lesson 3 ExamExam48
Lesson 4 ExamExam41
Lesson 5 Assignment: Evaluation and AssessmentAssignment2
Lesson 5 ExamExam33
Lesson 6 Assignment: The Results of Placements and Services with Emotional/Behavioral disordersAssignment2
Lesson 6 ExamExam21
Lesson 7 Assignment: Functional Behavioral AssessmentAssignment2
Lesson 7 ExamExam38
Lesson 8 Assignment: Effective Classroom StrategiesAssignment20
Lesson 8 ExamExam32
Lesson 9 Assignment: Improving Outcomes for students with Emotional/ Behavioral disordersAssignment2
Lesson 9 ExamExam42
Final ExamExam70
Total Points:420
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