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Student Testimonials

  • "Video of lessons were most helpful." -- Fred S.
  • "It explained everything well making it easy to learn and grow and complete each lesson. It was a fun experience. Thanks to the instructor for the patience of it taking forever for me to finish the course." -- Addie S.
  • "Everything was great, the lessons where well explained. I want to thank you for your help, I enjoyed being a part of this course." -- Imelda Z.
  • "The instructor was very helpful and responded in an impressive immediate manner. I thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you." -- Samiah K.
  • "A very good instructor and well designed course." -- Ray H.
  • "The entire course was very helpful. I had in the past done film photography and using digital was a complete change for me. The basic photography was about the same but new. Thank you." -- Allan B.
  • "Found everything quite helpful. Learned a lot." -- Cynthia W.
  • "I was a Marine combat photographer with a Speed Graphic. I was surprised at the capabilities of digital cameras, and of course their LIGHT WEIGHT. I live with Nikon DSLRs now. The video at the end of the course repeating verbally the lesson was extremely helpful." -- Charles C.
  • "I found the assignments to be helpful because they motivated me to go out and look for appropriate sceneries or subjects to photograph in order to satisfy the requirements of each lesson. Through this process, I have become more appreciative of nature and have captured several interesting and beautiful pictures." -- Suzanne S.
  • "Everything was thoroughly explained. A very awesome instructor too I must say. He is good and can really push you to learn. Now I know all the features in my camera that I did not know they were there before." -- Fely D.
  • "The information provided was very helpful. I printed up every lesson and will use them for future reference." -- Bonnie C.
  • "I had a very great experience. I feel more confident taking pictures and knowing what all the functions mean." -- Rhonda A.
  • "I enjoyed all of it. I think the assignments required me to expand my skills and knowledge." -- Bethia O.
  • "What was most helpful was the interaction with the other students. The availability of the Instructor." -- Winifred I.
  • "I loved the tips and hints! I really enjoyed this course. I learned a lot of things about my camera, my gear, what gear I really have to have, and about myself as a photographer!" -- Heather Z.
  • "For me what was most helpful was the parts that you had to use different metering modes, changing focal lengths, different lighting conditions. In the past when I took photos I really didn't use all of the features of the camera." -- Bradley O.
  • "I am an experienced photographer and found a review of ares that I don't use very often to be a good review." -- Paul M.
  • "Most helpful were the specific assignments that I made sure I did. But the most fun was with interaction with fellow students over posted student photo submissions." -- Ian J.
  • "The entire course was helpful. I basically knew very little about photography and taking pictures. I only have positive feedback for the course and the instructor." -- Sandy G.
  • "Course was extremely helpful to me and without a doubt, I wanted to be able to use the creative modes of my camera and understand what they did...This part of the course was the most useful for me." -- Kim D.
  • "The assignments were most helpful. Experience is a great teacher and the assignments required that we had to perform in order to learn. We were encouraged to experiment with each lesson and assignment. " -- Clarence A.
  • "The instructor and course were great!" -- Julie F.
  • "I liked that we had a photographic exercise for each lesson, that it wasn't just read it and take an exam. I had to apply what I was learning in each lesson to working with my camera and figuring out how it worked. Because that's part of my challenge, knowing what's going on with this camera." -- Linda O.
  • "I have a new SLR camera and this course has helped me become acquainted with the camera and the features. I feel that I can take better quality pictures. Thanks." -- Mary R.
  • "It was well paced and the instructor gave excellent feedback." -- Phyllis Y.
  • "I really enjoyed learning more about using photo editing software. I am now hooked on black and white photo shots. All aspects of the course was useful to me. Learning about lighting, the 1/3 rule, framing, etc., all will help me with my photography hobby." -- Darlene F.
  • "In addition to the reading for each lesson, I also liked the challenges of the assignments and the links to additional information. It really helped round out the topics. Thanks!" -- Barbara M.
  • "Great course. Would take again if I needed to." -- Luis D.
  • "Wonderful experience! I appreciated the fact that the instructor did preview our actual work and gave constructive criticism. This course has already been recommended to many of my art teaching friends! I need more technical knowledge in photography and this course gave me so much to utilize in my own hobby and in my classroom art experience." -- Vicki M.

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