What Students Are Saying...


Student Testimonials

  • "A very good class and a very conscientious instructor. Timely classwork feedback and helpful comments. I also found it helpful to see my incorrect answers corrected with the right answers." -- Pamela T.
  • "Instructor seemed very knowledgeable and presented the information in a clear manner. Thoroughly enjoyed the class :) Thank you." -- Kathleen S.
  • "This was a very helpful course for learning the basics of diabetes." -- Craig B.
  • "The course helped me a lot in knowing more about Diabetes. The instructor is diligent." -- Julieta B.
  • "I just wanted to thank her and thank for all of the information that was shared." -- Joan R.
  • "The entire course was relevant and the teacher excellent!" -- Joseph M.
  • "Easy site to maneuver. Thanks!" -- Deborah S.
  • "Great class, material was well presented." -- David G.
  • "Instructor is amazing very helpful and motivating." -- Roja P.
  • "She ia a great instructor!!" -- David K.
  • "I thought each section contained pertanent information to the subject matter and flowed really well." -- Tricia H.
  • "The topic of diabetic diet was the most useful. The instructor presented the information so clearly and to the point." -- Clevene B.
  • "I myself am Diabetic Type 2 and this course has helped me understand my condition and to cope better." -- CAROLE C.
  • "All the information was very informative and useful." -- Sandra J.
  • "Super! Great!" -- Michelle P.
  • "The lessons were very informative with excellent areas of subject matter. A wide range of topics were presented in an organized manor. A great review for individuals in the medical field. I enjoyed the ability to earn CEU credits this way and will be taking additional classes." -- Pamela T.