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Student Testimonials

  • "The lessons and exercises were extremely informative and useful." -- Michelle G.
  • "I look forward to taking additional courses with this instructor." -- Susan G.
  • "The writing assignments and the instructor feedback were most helpful. I have taken two classes from this instructor, and I learned a great deal in both." -- Karen R.
  • "I found this course very refreshing to my knowledge as a writer, I'm glad that I did it. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!" -- Cedar J.
  • "Excellent learning environment." -- Donna N.
  • "The instructor was absolutely fantastic. The lessons were really helpful and to the point. The instructor was very positive and helpful. She was great!!" -- Eliezer H.
  • "I really appreciated the warm and understanding tone of the lessons." -- Kathleen R.
  • "I found everything in this course extremely helpful! Some of the things I loved were... the writing exercises, the helpful websites BUT most of all the thing I appreciated most was the instructor's ability to champion me! Exceptional! Ms. Merritt is by far the BEST creative writing instructor I have ever come across ... UniversalClass is lucky to have her." -- Sangeetha P.
  • "The exercises were most helpful. It is always easier to grasp something when you put it to use." -- Doris A.
  • "Great job. I especially enjoyed the opportunity to learn about and try some writing experiences I'd never thought I might like." -- Dot S.
  • "Everything was great! The instructor was thorough in each lesson and made points I never even thought about. She was very helpful." -- Ashley B.
  • "This is the third course I have taken on Universal Class and I have enjoyed them all. This particularly I would recommend to beginning writers. It is very useful." -- Michael B.
  • "Over all was very pleased and enjoyed the experience." -- Holly I.
  • "Simply a great experience!! The exercises helped me out a lot. I was able to incorporate a lot of the material I read in the lessons and I think it made me a better writer in certain respects." -- Jacqueline S.
  • "How to conquer fear and the steps to take before attempting to write." -- Cecilia S.
  • "My knowledge increased ten-fold about creative writing." -- Connie B.
  • "The instructor was great. :)" -- Angie B.
  • "Great in all aspects. The lessons were concise and to the point. Additional web resources allowed you to dig deeper into the lesson. No time pressure so you could revise your work. In the end, you get out of the course what you put in." -- Edward G.
  • "A very well considered and presented course. All elements were helpful." -- Chris D.
  • "All of it was helpful to me." -- Patricia P.
  • "What was most helpful were the essay assignments. It helped get me back in a creative mode." -- Martha L.
  • "I loved the course and instructor! I liked the exercises found in each lesson." -- Anita B.
  • "I found that the course layout was concise and practical. My tutor Anne was constructive with her criticism. I enjoyed the course immensely. I want to thank her for her time and correspondence. :)" -- Pip V.
  • "I found that the writing exercise where the most helpful. They made me get out of my comfort zone and use my imagination. The critique on my work help me very much." -- Jim B.
  • "The course had many suggested activities and exercises. The more of these I did the better experience I had with each lesson." -- Mel T.
  • "I felt that the information given was thorough and exceptionally helpful. I also thought that the assignments which at first seemed puzzling were actually challenging and beneficial." -- Donna B.


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