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Student Testimonials

  • "This was my first experience with UniversalClass as well as my first experience taking an online course, and I was very pleased. I loved being able to work at my own pace, and I felt that the quality and quantity of instruction was a good value for the money. I would definitely considering taking another course through UniversalClass." -- Jonelle V.
  • "I have really enjoyed doing this class as I have already completed a life coaching course in Australia and I can tell you it cost me a whole lot more money yet didn't teach me nearly as much as I have learn't with this one. Karen was great, I bet she is as nice as her writing. I am so glad I took this class it has given me so much more that I feel really confident in starting my business now, didn't feel this way not too long ago, thank you for a great class!" -- Ann A.
  • "I found the assignments extremely useful because powerful questions were being asked specifically for me to answer as in a real life coaching session. " -- Julie R.
  • "Every single lesson was absolutely helpful and I really enjoyed all my courses with this instructor. Thank you very, very very much! I am very happy! Thank you." -- Jana V.
  • "The instructor was very fast in grading/returning assignments. The course content was easy to read." -- Stephanie B.
  • "All parts were Very helpful because they've taken me 'from zero to hero', I'm realy thankful!" -- Revd. Abraham J. A.
  • "I have nothing but gratitude." -- DANIEL K.
  • "I find the whole UniversalClass experience helpful, thank you." -- Marie C.
  • "The instructor was prompt and thorough in his feedback. He always graded assignments and exams in a very timely manner." -- Kathy M.
  • "I love everything on it. I learned a lot!" -- Gilberta M G.
  • "It was a good overall view of life coaching. It also appeals on a personal level, not just professional. It is very helpful in self-awareness." -- Ron R.
  • "Eston is a great teacher. He is supportive, caring and an awesome guide in this class! He is an great example of what a virtual teacher should be :)" -- Cindylu F.
  • "The assignments are helpful, as completing them encourages one to learn more, from research, and the the analyses and practical work which some of the assignments required" -- Janet M.
  • "Great instructor!" -- Jose D.
  • "All lessons were helpful. I especially liked the assignment feedback - showing a model of the task when we receive our results." -- Josephine M.
  • "This course is very educational." -- Kalif A.
  • "I found the entire course to be most helpful and I appreciate the time and effort put in to make it a valuable course to take." -- Edith H.
  • "This course was a great insight into the world of life coaching. Now I know for sure that this is something I want to pursue." -- Joann R.
  • "The whole course was helpful!" -- Calvin M.
  • "I found the assignments to be most helpful. They gave dimension and clarity to the text and helped me to own the concepts." -- Sue H.
  • "It has been a pleasure!" -- Chanse B.
  • "My instructor was the best part of my experiences with the class. I loved the content and found the program to be much more useful than I had imagined." -- Kelly L.
  • "I really enjoyed every part of the course, from the online lesson material to the other site included. I also felt that the short essays and exams were very relevant and useful to review the most important parts of the lessons." -- Rachel N.
  • "Great course Iwill refer others for sure." -- Chris P.
  • "I found Career Coaching 101 was fairly concise and user friendly compared to the free, economics course I took on Florida Virtual school." -- Anne T.
  • "I learned so much from this course. I am looking for a job myself and also began working with an employment consultant while I took this course. I don't know if i will become a Career Coach, but I have a real solid idea of the role, the training required and it's value to clients. " -- Joanne A.
  • "The instructor was a good monitor of the process and provided very good feedback (to enable learning)." -- Michael B.
  • "I would recommend this course and instructor. I learned a lot that was very helpful." -- Mary G.
  • "Timely and consistent with feedback." -- Joyce D. H.
  • "This instructor was helpful and knowledgeable. Everything in this course was helpful." -- Charlesa Kaye R.
  • "The instructor was very helpful and very timely viewing and correcting assignments and tests." -- Carolyne P.
  • "Loved working on personal wellness throughout this course. Awesome instructor. Gives positive feedback and helps you grow in the subject matter." -- Jill A.
  • "Really Great Course, Instructor Excellent. I enjoyed every lesson, and found all the lessons very knowledgeable." -- Dorothy M.
  • "The entire course was extreemely helpful but the assignments that required us to put the lesson into action were the most helpful. That requirement actually "forced" me to get up and apply what I was learning to everyday life. I love working with Mr. Dunn. His teaching has changed and positively impacted my life in ways I never thought possible. This is the second course I have taken with him and I am shocked daily with the amount of information I retain from both classes. I am able to tell others about it with confidence and apply the healthy principals to my life. All my friends are looking into taking these classes because of the impact they have seen in my own life." -- Sandy W.
  • "Thank you!" -- Lynn E.
  • "The instructional contents and related links are very well presented and full of helpful information. I got started with most of them and it's become a good habit. I just want to thank my instructor and the whole staff, to make this on line course an excellent learning experience." -- Elisa S.
  • "I had a great instructor who was always writing back soon." -- Brooke M.
  • "The organizing and structure of the teaching was most helpful. Great teacher feedback!" -- Patrick H.
  • "The lessons and assignments were spot on for what I expected to get out of it. Instructor was great. Quick feedback on lessons. " -- Kathleen J.
  • "The lessons were easy to read and understand. The assignments were fun to do. Course was excellent." -- Ernestine A.
  • "I found that my instructor was very helpful, and gave good feedback." -- Nichole C.
  • "This instructor was really great and very knowledgeable on his area of expertise. I felt he was there and available. Thumbs up!" -- Deborah B.
  • "The Career Coach 101 course was extremely well organized and presented in a logical format. It challenged me in a manner that I was not accustomed to compared with other online courses that I have completed. I am able to apply what I have learned to make my current programs more relevant. I will recommend the course to my colleagues and clients! I look forward to enrolling in and completing additional Universal Class course offerings." -- JACK B.


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