What Students Are Saying...


Student Testimonials

  • "This course is amazing. I love all of the helpful information. I have learned so much about this topic." -- Latoya B.
  • "I've already started to apply what I learned in this course and am pleased with the results. Thank you to the instructor!" -- Mary R.
  • "This course has been one of my favorite course that I have elected to take through UniversalClass, it was very detailed and informative. I learned so much and enjoyed doing it!" -- Carrye W.
  • "This was great fun! I am a bather for sure, and I loved getting to know what I was doing for myself, and how to grow the impact that my bathing has on my overall health." -- Isabel K.
  • "Taking the course gave me the opportunity want to try holistic healing treatments for not myself but to think about maybe do it as a profession." -- Lynn B.
  • "I very much enjoyed the class and found it helpful and easy to follow." -- Sophia S.
  • "Class was great. Information was well organized and fun. Loved it." -- Marci S.
  • "Both course and instructor was great." -- Teresa W.
  • "The instructor was knowledgeable and available." -- Candice L.
  • "What was most helpful was the actual hands on. The baths, body brushing. Very nice experiences." -- Candice L.
  • "What was most helpful was learning so many new things about such an unlikely topic." -- Jill A.
  • "All of it was valuable!" -- Cynthia R.
  • "I learned so much and loved all of it. Great instructor." -- Pamela L.
  • "I really like this instructor, she has been available and helpful on both the classes I have taken with her. I very much appreciate her knowledge and expertise. If I could find more classes that she teaches I would take them also!" -- Trish B.
  • "Was wanting to learn about how therapeutic bathing can be helpful and gained the information I needed. It included information on why different salts and supplies can benefit different problems." -- Linda O.