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Course Description

Therapeutic Bathing


Turn your hygiene rituals into a therapeutic health treatment with a variety of products and techniques


No curriculum in natural or alternative healthcare, herbal medicine, homeopathy or holistic healing is complete without an introduction to the surprisingly broad subject of Therapeutic Bathing.


When you think of a therapeutic bath, it's likely that you envision some steaming hot water and your favorite scented bath oil or bubbles…and that's about it. Next time to you hop in the tub, benefit from the experience of centuries of therapeutic bathers. That's right--therapeutic bathing has its place in just about every ancient culture: the Romans, the Greeks, the Chinese, the Egyptians and the Middle East have all made contributions to the practice of bathing for improved health and well-being.


And now, by taking a cue from these innovators, you'll be surprised at just how many ways there are to increase your enjoyment and reap greater benefits from your bath. In this course, you'll learn about the benefits of minerals and heat and how to bring the advantages of mineral waters and hot springs home to enjoy in the privacy of your home. You'll get an introduction not just to the joys of aromatherapy, but several recipes for aromatherapy soaps and a bath fizz to enjoy in your next soak.


Do you know that there's an ideal temperature range for soaking achy muscles--and that it's different than the ideal temperature for absorbing the healing power of herbs? That's just a glimpse of what awaits you when you enroll in this in-depth course. Go ahead and dip your toe into the healthful, relaxing world of therapeutic bathing!

Course Requirements

This course will not require you to have previous experience in any particular area but you should have a high school reading level. No books will be required.

Course Topics


Lesson 1: Introduction to Therapeutic Bathing

The history of therapeutic bathing from its origins through today

Lesson 2: The Basics of Bathing

Getting started with a few tips and the right temperature.

Lesson 3: Mineral and thermal baths

An overview of centuries of use of mineral and thermal baths

Lesson 4: Aromatherapy

Harnessing the power of essential oils to heal body and soul

Lesson 5: Aromatherapy Soap

The ins and outs of buying and making aromatherapy soaps

Lesson 6: Body Brushing

Improving your skin and circulation

Lesson 7: Steam Baths & Building Your Own Steam Room

How to build or install your own steam room

Lesson 8: Moisturizing & Detox Baths

Easy recipes for soft, supple skin and detoxing your body

Course Materials

All course materials is provided in this class. There is no need to buy additional resources.

Grading Policy

Each lesson will include a written and practice assignment that will directly apply what you have learned.
A brief 25 pt. quiz will follow each lesson. Students will successfully complete this course by mastering all learning outcomes with 70% or higher overall grade.

Additional Course Information

The practice of therapeutic bathing was known to the Ancient Greeks, Romans, Chinese and The Middle East. The addition of things like rose petals and other fragrant and healing herbs to bathing water has been common practice in some cultures for thousands of years. In this course, you will learn to brew up the best hot and cool baths; use essential oils and aromatherapy techniques; make aromatherapy soaps; blend essential oils, herbs and spices; treat most everyday conditions; and keep your body relaxed and comfortable. 

Key Terms 

Before diving in head first, it’s always nice to get your feet wet by learning a few key terms. Once you learn understand the basics, you’ll have a great foundation for the rest of the course. These are just a few of the terms you’ll see when you begin your quest to learn all about therapeutic bathing. Learning these definitions will help you better understand your upcoming lessons. 

balneotherapy: The term derives from the latin word balneum, meaning bath, and the practice entails immersing the body in mineral or thermal waters to treat illnesses and skin disorders.


hydrotherapy: The spectrum of practices that use water for healing, whether in natural thermal springs or manmade pools. Just a few hydrotherapy treatments are steam baths, hot soaks, cold soaks, wraps and both full and partial immersion.


aromatherapy: the practice of healing through scents and fragrant essential oils, aromatherapy has been used since ancient times. The term was not coined, however, until the 1920s.


essential oil: one of a class of volatile oils that give plants their characteristic scents and healing benefits, used particularly in perfumes, flavorings and for aromatherapy


Epsom salt: the common name for magnesium sulfate, a chemical compound used as a component in bath salts. It can be absorbed by the body to reduce inflammation, and is theorized to hold countless additional health and therapeutic benefits.


detoxification: treatments designed to remove toxins, or poisons, from the body for improved health and function


hot springs: these natural springs are produced by geothermally heated groundwater, and they’re found worldwide


anti-aging: this modern category of treatments involves the slowing, prevention or even reversal of the effects of aging. It reaches a variety of health categories, including nutrition, exercise, skin care, hormone replacement therapy, vitamins, supplements and herbal treatments.


steam inhalation: a therapeutic treatment in which the user drapes a towel over his or her head, leaned over a bowl of steaming hot water—typically including healing herbs or essential oils.

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Know the basics of bathing.
  • Describe mineral and thermal baths.
  • Describe aromatherapy.
  • Describe aromatherapy soap.
  • Describe body brushing.
  • Describe steam baths and building your own steam room.
  • Describe moisturizing and detox baths, and
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Assessment Guide

Assessment Points
Quiz for Lesson 1: Introduction to Therapeutic Bathing8
Quiz for Lesson 2: The Basics of Bathing10
Quiz for Lesson 3: Mineral and Thermal Baths10
Quiz for Lesson 4: Aromatherapy10
Quiz for Lesson 5: Aromatherapy Soap9
Quiz for Lesson 6: Body Brushing10
Quiz for Lesson 7: Steam Baths & Building Your Own Steam Room10
Quiz for Lesson 8: Moisturizing & Detox Baths10
Total Points:77

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