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Student Testimonials

  • "This course offered a lot of details and the essay questions were a great reinforcement tool." -- Ann R.
  • "Everything in this class was helpful because it explains how to use everything....I think that it was an awesome course and very helpful and so was the instructor." -- Candice A.
  • "What was most helpful were the assignments. They were very detailed in explainations for each subject." -- Cindy M.
  • "The lessons are organized and in a easy way to read and understand....I love the course and the prompt respond for the instructor." -- Claudia A.
  • "the instructor was very caring and understanding. I like her take again if she teach another class. I'm glad I took this class I didn't know anything about account payable." -- Kimberly L.
  • "I really liked the procedure of accounts payable from receiving the invoice to cutting the check to filing....Over all after all is said and done I think this is a good course and the instructor is a fine instructor. In the future I might just take another course. I will never get to the point where I think I just too smart or know everything to take a class. I thank you for providing me with this excellent opportunity." -- Larry S.
  • "The different process ideas were very helpful." -- SARAH B.
  • "I actually found all parts very helpful, but I'd say overall, learning how to effectively set up and monitor an Accounts Payable system would be at the top of the list. Once the system is in place with proper log-in, signatures from the proper authorities/departments, payment processes, audits, etc., the whole Accounts Payable department is on its way to being one of the most structured parts of the organization....I appreciated the promptness of the instructor's grading, and her comments were always encouraging and inspiring." -- Sylvia T.
  • "This course was great!" -- Tabitha C.
  • "The basic review was great but the step by step approach to invoice handling was the best part for me....Very user friendly course." -- Terri R.

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