Course Description

Unraveling the Mysteries of Angels: A Comprehensive Exploration

Angels have been a source of intrigue, comfort, and inspiration for countless generations. From the distant murmurings of ancient civilizations to the modern anecdotal accounts of Angelic interventions, these celestial beings have remained a constant thread woven into the fabric of our collective human consciousness. In 2023, with over 84% of the global population identifying with a religious group, the belief in, and the fascination with, these ethereal entities is still widespread and profound.

This extensive eleven-lesson course endeavors to shed light on the captivating realm of Angels, delving deep into the archives of history, literature, art, and personal experiences. Drawing on an array of resources, it provides a holistic view of how our understanding and relationship with Angels have evolved over time and what they signify in today's complex world.

Course Overview:

Lesson 1: Setting the Stage

  • Dive deep into the foundation of our study - familiarizing ourselves with the pivotal concepts and sparking our intrigue.
  • Engage in assignments that survey your initial understanding and beliefs about Angels.

Lesson 2: Charting the Historical Perspectives

  • Traverse through time, exploring the depiction and beliefs about Angels from ancient civilizations to the modern era.
  • Examine art and literature that have immortalized these beings, capturing the imagination of generations.

Lesson 3: Interpreting Angels through the Lens of Religion and Spirituality

  • Delve into the sacred texts and spiritual doctrines to uncover how major religions perceive and venerate Angels.
  • Grasp the nuances of Angelic presence in various belief systems and spiritual practices.

Lesson 4: Establishing Your Angelic Connect

  • Learn about the practices and exercises that heighten our sense to perceive and communicate with Angels.
  • Engage in guided vibration-raising exercises, fostering a stronger bond with these celestial guardians.

Lesson 5: Seeking the Benevolence of Guardian Angels

  • Explore the profound personal bond between humans and their guardian Angels. Learn how to invoke their guidance and support in times of need.
  • Delve into documented experiences where guardian Angels have played pivotal roles.

Lesson 6: Channeling Angelic Forces for Collective Well-being

  • Understand how Angels can be called upon not just for personal aid but also for larger, global causes.
  • Examine instances where collective prayers and invocations have potentially led to Angelic interventions.

Lesson 7: The Umbrella of Angelic Protection

  • Understand the protective nature of Angels and how they shield individuals from harm.
  • Study accounts where Angelic protection was believed to have played a crucial role in averting dangers.

Lesson 8: Navigating Life with Angelic Insights

  • Recognize the subtle signs, dreams, and intuitions that may be Angelic guidance in our everyday life.
  • Engage in exercises to sharpen your intuitive faculties, becoming more receptive to their messages.

Lesson 9: Spirits of Nature: Exploring Devas and Nature Spirits

  • Broaden the horizon to include nature spirits and Devas, understanding their roles and how they intersect with the Angelic realm.
  • Delve into age-old practices that honor these spirits, enriching our bond with nature.

Lesson 10: Decoding the Significance of Angels in Contemporary Times

  • Reflect upon the evolving role of Angels in an era defined by rapid change, skepticism, and yet, an unyielding search for spiritual meaning.
  • Explore the renewed interest in Angels, especially in holistic and alternative healing modalities.

Lesson 11: Demystifying Angelic Realms: Addressing Common Queries

  • Address a spectrum of frequently asked questions about Angels, dispelling myths, and reinforcing facts.
  • Engage in interactive sessions, bringing clarity and culminating our extensive exploration.

In a world that oscillates between skepticism and belief, between empirical evidence and faith, this course offers a serene space to explore, reflect, and connect. With a perfect blend of academic rigor and spiritual exploration, it promises a transformative journey into the enigmatic world of Angels. Whether you're a curious soul or a fervent believer, this course welcomes all, offering insights and experiences that can enrich your life's spiritual tapestry. Register today and dive into this celestial exploration.

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Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Summarize the appearance of angels throughout history.
  • Distinguish between angels in religion and spiritualism.
  • Identify the processes involved to connect to angels.
  • Describe ways to invoke guardian angels for personal help
  • Look for signs of angelic guidance in everyday life.
  • Identify the role of angels in modern society.
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Assessment Guide

Assessment Points
An Introduction 5 points
Lesson 1 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 1 Quiz 9 points
Lesson 2 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 2 Quiz 10 points
Lesson 3 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 3 Quiz 8 points
Lesson 4 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 4 Quiz 9 points
Lesson 5 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 5 Quiz 10 points
Lesson 6 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 6 Quiz 10 points
Lesson 7 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 7 Quiz 10 points
Lesson 8 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 8 Quiz 10 points
Lesson 9 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 9 Quiz 10 points
Lesson 10 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 10 Quiz 9 points
Lesson 11 Assignment 25 points
The Final Exam 47 points
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